The subject of the seminar was a paper given by Dr. Franciszek Wasyl on his research into small towns in Galicia that possess organised Armenian communities. Based on experience gathered while working on his previous project, which culminated in the publication of Neighbours: a history of the multiethnic community in Kuty (Kraków 2017, completed in the Department of Judaism of Wrocław University with the aid of a “Fuga IV” grant from the National Science Centre), Dr Wasyl set out the methodological possibilities and difficulties of this type of research.

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During the seminar, which was something of an occasion because the Centre was able to convene as a guest of the Jagiellonian University’s museum (Collegium Maius) in Sala pod Belkami [the Beamed Room], Dr. Jakub Osiecki presented the results of his archival research on the Armenian Church in the twentieth century. The lecture was followed by a discussion.

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This seminar took the form of a discussion led by Andrzej A. Zięba on the idea of writing an Encyclopaedia of the Polish Armenians.

The encyclopaedia is conceived as a compendium that, from an interdisciplinary perspective, presents a systematized account of a community that has been active within the changing political boundaries of the Polish lands for nearly seven centuries. The Polish Armenian community was an extremely important element of the Armenian diaspora between the fifteenth century and the eighteenth century and also made impressive contributions to the culture of Central and Eastern Europe.

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This seminar of the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland was held with the participation of its employees and associates, as well as the president of its Council. It was devoted to discussing editorial plans for the journal “Lehahayer”. The Editorial Committee of the “Lehahayer” Library series was also formed and it was decided that it should be published by Księgarnia Naukowa in Kraków, which has specialised for many years in Armenian history, culture and linguistics.

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The Centre’s second seminar, which addressed internal matters, was devoted to discussing the directions of research undertaken within the Centre and in cooperation with other institutions. Of the several group projects, the greatest importance is to be attached to further work on the Monuments of the History of the Polish Armenians series, which is proceeding in cooperation with the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians in Warsaw and with the support of a grant from the National Humanities Development Programme. Other priorities include editing the “Lehahayer” yearbook (with the assistance of the Lanckoroński Foundation), devising and developing a set of electronic research tools, and scanning sources relevant to the history of the Polish Armenians in the collections held in Lviv and Venice, and at the Vatican.

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