The family of the recently deceased Professor Edward Tryjarski has – through the good offices of Professor Krzysztof Stopka – presented the RCACP with a gift of books on Armenian subjects and correspondence associated with Professor Tryjarski’s research. We wish to record our heartfelt thanks for this donation. Following preparation and cataloguing, these materials will be made available at the Centre’s premises to anyone interested in the professor as a person, and in his scholarly achievements and connections with the Armenological community.

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Professor Andrzej Pisowicz has presented the library of the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland with a generous gift of books on Armenological themes. They include language dictionaries, albums, monographs on linguistics and history, editions of works of Armenian literature, publications on Polish Armenians, and valuable editions from the nineteenth century. Our sincere thanks are due to Professor Pisowicz. The titles of all of the books he has given the library will be entered into its Internet catalogue, which is available at We kindly invited you to consult it.

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Kajetan Stefanowicz (1886–1920) was a Polish Armenian of Lviv, a painter, a soldier of the Polish legions during the First World War, and an NCO of the Polish cavalry in the Polish–Soviet War. He was awarded the Order of Military Virtue (Order Virtuti Militari), Poland’s highest military decoration, for his service.

All of these aspects of his life are reflected in Legionary Song in the Drawings of Kajetan Stefanowicz – NCO in the First Regiment of the Polish Legions (Pieśń legionisty w rysunkach Kajetana Stefanowicza – podoficera 1 Pułku Legionów Polskich), a book that has just been added to the collection of the RCACP library. It was published in a small print run by the author in 1916 at the printing shop of W.A. Szyjkowski in Lviv. It contains drawings illustrating the verses of well-known songs of the legions. The plates were made at the Tęcza (Rainbow) graphics workshop.

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On 18 February 2022, during the most recent seminar held at the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland, Fr Marek Miławicki OP gave a talk entitled Sadok Barącz OP: Portrait of a Scholar, which stimulated a lively discussion. The presentation that accompanies it appears below. Fr Miławicki – theologian, historian, and vice director of the Dominican Institute of History – is preparing a doctoral thesis on the figure of Fr Sadok Barącz at the Pedagogical University of Kraków. The histories of the Dominican Order and the Armenian Catholic church in the Polish lands and in eastern Europe lie at the centre of his research interests. He is the author of a book on the missions Polish Dominicans undertook in China in 1937–1952.

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Established in autumn 2019, the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland (RCACP) is now in its third full year of conducting advanced research into the history of the Polish Armenians. The Centre is composed of an interdisciplinary team of researchers conducting individual and collaborative academic projects concerning Armenian history and culture (as broadly defined) in the context of the history of Poland and Armenia and their interrelationships. Books, journal articles, and source editions appear as a result of these efforts. The RCACP also engages in joint scholarly initiatives with a variety of communities and institutions in Poland and abroad.

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As commissioned by the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians, an edited collection entitled Niewiasty z pastorałami: Portrety ksień klasztoru benedyktynek ormiańskich we Lwowie: historia, konteksty, konserwacja [Women with Crosiers: Portraits of Abbesses of the Convent of Armenian Benedictines in Lviv: History, Contexts, Preservation] has been compiled by the Kraków research community in cooperation with colleagues from other institutions. It represents the culmination of restoration work done on the portraits of the abbesses carried out by Jolanta Pollesch of the Museum of the Jagiellonian University. It is edited by Andrzej A. Zięba with an introduction by Maria Ohanowicz-Tarasiuk, the president of the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians.

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Volume eight (2021) of Lehahayer (pp. 294), the annual journal devoted to the history and culture of Polish Armenians, includes the following texts:

Marcin Łukasz Majewski, Karta ze stosunków rodzinnych Ormian zamojskich: sprawa morderstwa Heleny Kistesterowiczowej (1680)
Monika Agopsowicza, Ormianie kamienieccy w ostatniej ćwierci XVII wieku – uzupełnienie spisu imiennego na podstawie kolejnych źródeł
Мaksym Potapenko, Ormianie Mohylewa Podolskiego pod koniec XVIII i w połowie XIX wieku (na podstawie badań statystycznych ludności)

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