On Friday 22 October 2021 at 14.00 the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland (RCACP) was pleased to receive a visit from Wojciech Aleksander Siwek of the Doctoral School of Humanities at Warsaw University. He gave a talk as part of our seminar series on his research project devoted to Armenians in the private towns of The Commonwealth of the Two Nations (with particular attention to processes of acculturation and assimilation). The seminar was held as a combined in-person and online session. Fr Marek Miławicki OP and Dr Andrzej Gliński from Wrocław joined our permanent host (and oldest and wisest colleague), Professor Andrzej Pisowicz, in person, while Monika Agopsowicz from the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians joined us online. Wojciech Siwek’s talk provoked a lively discussion of models of integration for Polish Armenians in Old Poland and their various social, economic, political, and family contexts. The speaker is the author of a master’s thesis on aspects of the history of Armenians in Zamość.


Photograph: Fr Marek Miławicki OP and Wojciech Aleksander Siwek at RCACP on 22 October 2021

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