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The Lehahayer Library series of publications was born out of cooperation between the editorial office of the Lehahayer journal and the publishing house Księgarnia Akademicka in Kraków, or, strictly speaking, on the initiative of its president, Adam Lejczak. An additional impulse was the tenth anniversary of the establishment of The Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians in Warsaw. For the jubilee of our friends, the editorial team and the Kraków community decided to prepare a volume of studies, so that an academic trail would remain after the celebrations. When, a few years after the publication of the first volume, we returned to our series, we had to give it a proper form. We invited outstanding specialists from Kraków and elsewhere to cooperate with us, an editorial committee was established and new publishing plans were conceived. We want our series to cover all topics related to Armenia, the Polish Armenians and the Armenian diaspora in general. We plan to publish monographs, syntheses, source editions, and translations of classic works. We are open to cooperation with Polish and foreign authors. Please send your application to the Centre’s address. We hope to create a library of valuable Armenological works.

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