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The following bibliography covers a number of aspects of Polish-Armenian research. First and foremost, it contains information on publications devoted to the history and present day life of the Polish Armenians. The list also offers material on the reception of Armenian culture in Poland and of Polish culture in Armenia, Polish-Armenian contacts (regardless of geographical location), diplomatic relations between Poland and Armenia, and the Polish diaspora in Armenia. We will endeavour to include the achievements of a variety of disciplines and research specialisations in this bibliographical review. This means history and its ancillary disciplines, including the history of religion, art and literature, journalism, media and social communication, political science, linguistics, and law. Publications are chosen based on their subject matter alone. Our selection of bibliographical material does not constitute a judgement of its intellectual merit. Brief commentaries or explanations are attached to some items so that the bibliographical information can be more readily understood.

The bibliography will be continuously updated by the Centre’s team with newly-published material and items published in the past that have not yet been added. The aim is that it should contain all of the research literature on our fields of interest – regardless of date of publication in print, language of narration or methodology. The material is organised traditionally according to two types of publication: monographs and sources. In the case of sources, the ethnic press (without adding separate entries to the bibliography for each of the articles), and monographs addressing the entire history of the Polish Armenians, will be organised into separate sub-collections. Bibliographies, catalogues, inventories, various reference works, discussions of research, and biographical dictionaries are also separated. However notes about publications that popularise research results are attached to monographs.

We hope the bibliography proves helpful to all who are interested in the themes we address at the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland. We invite your suggestions for improvements and additions.

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