Mission Statement

The central mission of the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland is to organize and support research into the history of Polish Armenians in the context of the history of Poland and Armenia, to elaborate a research toolbox for the field, to promote Polish research, to exchange experience worldwide with institutions addressing similar themes, and to support the work of young scholars. There are five strands to the Centre’s work:

1) Conducting individual research programmes that investigate history, art, literature and language, and questions of economy and society.

2) Compiling critical editions of the manuscript sources written in the Armeno-Kipchak ethnolect, in Grabar (Classical Armenian), and in other languages, to make them available for research in the various disciplines of the humanities.

3) Building a vertical Internet portal (vortal) to contain research reports, source materials, bibliographies, dictionaries, catalogues, and critical editions of the sources.

4) Publishing the “Lehahayer” annual and the Lehahayer Library series of monographs.

5) Organizing conferences and workshops on armenological themes.

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