Following sittings on 8 February 2021 and 4 March 2021, the panel of judges of the XXVIII edition of the ”Przegląd Wschodni (Eastern Review) prize for the best book of 2020, which was made up of the following eminent Polish history professors: Dorota Janiszewska-Jakubiak, Adolf Juzwenko, Maria Kałamajska-Saeed, Jan Malicki, Wojciech Materski, Lech Mróz, Andrzej Rachuba and Leszek Zasztowt, selected Dr Tomasz Krzyżowski, an employee of the Research Centre for Armenian Culture, as the winner in the category of domestic publications. The work in question, which is published by the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in association with the Foundation of Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians and the academic publishers Księgarnia Akademicka, is entitled The Armenian Catholic Archdiocese of Łwów in 1902-1938

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Unexpectedly, on 8 April 2021, we received the sad news of the death of Dr Stanisław Dziedzic, historian of literature, columnist, apostle for culture, and a tireless servant of Kraków for many years in his roles as director of Kraków City Council’s Department for National Culture and Heritage (from 2004) and, later, as director of Kraków Libraries (from 2017). He was a journalist, university teacher and prolific author who engaged wholeheartedly in academic life.

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As part of the “My Armenia, My Armenians” series, you are cordially invited from 26 April 2021 to watch an interview with the Turkish historian Candan Badem.

Professor Badem studied Russian at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He gained his doctorate in history from Sabancı Üniversitesi in Istanbul (estd. 1996) for his research into the Crimean War (1853-1856). In 2009 he became the first Turkish historian to be given access to the collections of the Armenian National Archives in Yerevan. Since that time he has also been conducting research into the history of Armenia in the twentieth century.

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As part of our series of meetings devoted to personal experiences and knowledge of Armenia, “My Armenia, My Armenians”, you are cordially invited to a discussion with Dr Tomasz Knothe (former Polish ambassador in Yerevan) and his wife, Maria Anna.

Dr Knothe is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He was awarded his doctorate in public international law by the Institute of Law within the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1971.

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Dr. Ewa Grin-Piszczek from the State Archive in Przemyśl, whose interesting article on the resources of that archive relating to the history of Polish Armenians will appear in the latest edition of Lehahayer (2020), has also sent us news of a valuable manuscript book of the Armenian law court of the jurydyka of St. John’s outside the walls of the city of Lviv [In the Poland of the fifteenth-eighteenth centuries, jurydyka denoted an area within a city or in its immediate vicinity excluded from the jurisdiction of the town authorities].

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In December 2020, the collection of the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland (within the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences) was enhanced by an archival legacy handed over by Dr. Janusz Kamocki (born 1927), who was curator of the Kraków Ethnographic Museum for many years and the author of a number of publications on ethnography. In 1975, Dr. Kamocki travelled to Armenia to acquire museum exhibits for the Armenian Department, which was to be established in the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków. In 1980 he established the Circle of Interest in Armenian Culture at the Polish Folklore Society in Kraków, which was the first organisation of Armenians in Poland after World War II. He also planned to publish a book entitled Śladami Ormianami polskich [Following the Traces of the Polish Armenians]. As a result, Dr. Kamocki established extensive contacts with the Armenian community in Poland and Armenia and collaborated with Stanisław Donigiewicz and Jan Hasso-Agopsowicz.

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