The subject of the seminar was a paper given by Dr. Franciszek Wasyl on his research into small towns in Galicia that possess organised Armenian communities. Based on experience gathered while working on his previous project, which culminated in the publication of Neighbours: a history of the multiethnic community in Kuty (Kraków 2017, completed in the Department of Judaism of Wrocław University with the aid of a “Fuga IV” grant from the National Science Centre), Dr Wasyl set out the methodological possibilities and difficulties of this type of research.

The monographs dealing with Armenian communities in small towns, for which he is now collecting sources in the form of files, statistics, memoirs, newspapers, symbols, pictures, objects and maps, will address the following small towns: Horodenka, Brzeżany, Łysiec, Tyśmienica, Śniatyn and Kuty. The communities of Lwów and Stanisławów will remain outside the scope of the research. The following approaches proposed by the speaker were considered in the discussion: cultural geography, reconstruction of families and neighbourhoods, bio-politics, and micro-history.

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