The Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland (RCACP) is launching a new series of meetings open to the public called MY ARMENIA, MY ARMENIANS. They will be encounters with people who have formed special attachments with Armenian culture: artists, clerics, diplomats, journalists, film-makers, travellers and academics. They will primarily be Poles, and Armenians living in Poland, but we will also endeavour to invite interesting characters from Armenia and from the rest of the world. It is our intention to bring the Polish public closer to Armenia’s past, cultural heritage, landscape, and contemporary, everyday reality through stories and tales told from the perspective of personal experience. Rather than lectures, these meetings will therefore take the form of discussions or conversations that everyone interested in Armenian issues can join. Deferring to the traditions of the Krakow Armenians from the times when their collectivity was inspired by the initiatives of Professor Anna Krzysztofowicz, the meetings in the “My Armenia, My Armenians” series will be held on the last Monday of each month (for now via the Internet).

Our guest at the first meeting will be Professor ANDRZEJ PISOWICZ, an outstanding Armenist from Kraków and a member of the Council of the RCACP. A note on his academic achievements is available on the RCACP website ( at  About us/Structure/Council.

The meeting will begin next Monday, 29 June, at 14.00. You are invited to watch and participate. A report of the meeting with Professor Pisowicz will be available to watch later at
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