We invite you to listen to a programme broadcast on Radio Kraków on the subject of Armenia, the Polish Armenians and the Research Centre for Armenian Culture in Poland (RCACP). Agnieszka Szablewska’s guest on this occasion was Dr Jakub Osiecki.

By tuning in you can find out where to go on holiday in Armenia, what Armenian food to try, and in which Armenian monastery to seek solace. There will also be plenty of Armenian music. And all of this conveyed with the humour and unstuffiness for which Agnieszka Szablewska is renowned. It is only unfortunate that travelling to Armenia is for the moment not recommended because of the pandemic.

The programme also includes sections on the newly-established RCACP, on the history of the Armenians of Poland and Kraków, and on the important question of making Armenian culture more widely known in Poland.


We invite you to listen to the programme at the link below.



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